It is widely known that there has recently been a resurgence in reported cases of bed bug infestations throughout New York City. Hotels, theaters and department stores have been effected and many residential buildings, including luxury buildings, have been faced with the daunting task of eradication.

Due to the magnitude of reported cases, the New York City Department of Health has responded to the public outcry with some significant legislative changes, among them:

Under The Bed Bug Disclosure Act, which is now a part of the New York City Administrative Code, owners of housing accommodations subject to the code, "shall furnish to each tenant signing a vacancy lease, a notice in a form promulgated or approved by the state..."

In a cooperative it is the seller's responsibility to disclose any case of bed bugs within their apartment and the actual floors affected in their building within the past year.

REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) is appealing to the Department of Health to distinguish between rental properties and cooperatives, but as it stands now, cooperatives under the "Laws of Habitability" are required to include the disclosure in all new occupant transfers.

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