Mayor Bloomberg, Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway, Sustainability Director David Bragdon and Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley recently proposed new rules to reduce emissions from the approximately 10,000 boilers in New York City that burn 4 and 6 oil. These are the dirtiest heating oil types available in New York, having significantly higher levels of sulfur, nickel and other pollutants and causing more soot pollution than all the cars and trucks in New York combined. Once fully enacted, all boilers in New York City will be required to burn # 2 oil or gas.

In addition to reducing pollutants, this will benefit a building's expenses in the long run because it will cost less to maintain and operate heating systems, lower levels of energy usage and make systems more efficient.

To minimize costs, the regulations will be implemented in three phases:

Phase 1: Effective immediately, any newly-installed boilers will be required to burn # 2 oil or natural gas.

Phase 2: All boilers will be required to switch from # 6 oil to # 4 oil by 2015.

Phase 3: Existing boilers that have not been replaced by 2030 must be modified to meet the equivalent emissions of burning # 2 oil or natural gas.

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