Your cooperative or condominium apartment is in all probability one of your most significant financial investments.

A prerequisite to successfully buying or selling your home is acquiring the services, guidance and expertise of a knowledgeable, qualified real estate broker.

An experienced professional broker knows neighborhoods, differentiates between building qualities, is familiar with individual building requirements and knows how to prepare a successful Board package.

Before signing an exclusive with any broker, discuss the marketing and advertising strategies, timing and budget. Make sure the broker you sign with is as dedicated to selling or finding your apartment as you are. All materials (ads, floor plans, website listings, etc.) should be ready to run within 24-48 hours of placing an apartment on the market.

When selling, your broker should guide you in staging your apartment for showing to prospective buyers. This involves everything from cleaning, deodorizing, removing clutter and depersonalizing the apartment to moving furniture and placing flowers.

Buyers and sellers today are sophisticated and knowledgeable about the real estate market. A well-informed, persevering professional broker will help you attain your goals with minimum stress and maximum success.

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