If you are in the process of renovating a building, one of the most important considerations is the need for fire safety. Below is a brief rundown on a few areas that should be concentrated on to add to maximum security.


Ensure that a continuous and unobstructed path of travel to the outside of the building has been established. Make sure that emergency exits are open, passable, and clearly marked.


If you have a fire alarm system and/or automatic sprinklers, they must be up to code and maintained in good working order.


There should not only be a written evacuation plan in place, it should be tested regularly. Building staff should understand their responsibilities in case of a fire.

A list of all residents in need of assistance and any apartments containing pets should be kept at the door or concierge station.


Whenever a renovation or other work in a building takes place, all of the fire safety areas should be rechecked to make certain the original plan is still working. The plan should be reviewed periodically.


Periodically inspect storage areas-both where the building staff stores items and where residents are permitted to store things. There are guidelines for what may be legally stored. Make sure these guidelines are being followed so that combustable or illegal items are not being kept.

There are many more areas where fire safety can be enhanced. Consult with your managing agent for additional suggestions.

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