More and more building owners, cooperative boards, condominium boards and residents are considering ways to make their buildings green. Mayor Bloomberg has made his goals to green New York City public, and in some cases there may be financial benefits for responsible people taking steps toward these goals.

In a city like New York this is an enormous and expensive undertaking, and a movement just beginning to grow...but it is a positive and worthwhile "way to go". There are many places to look for ways of accomplishing the goals-among them:


Utilize energy conserving light bulbs. This is an action that can be easily initiated in public hallways, basements, laundry rooms, and other communal areas of residential buildings.


The simple act of planting a new tree is an excellent move toward greening your neighborhood, and making it more attractive.


If your building is using #2, #4 or #6 heating oil, look into replacing this fuel with a "biofuel blend". For instance, heating oil can be blended with soy bean oil. In many cases this can be done without changing building equipment.


There is a mortgage broker in New York City that uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper and wind-generated electricity within their offices. Seek this type of environmentally responsive practitioner to provide your services.


Have your building staff utilize natural finish woods rather than polyurethane finishes. Use natural and chemical free cleaning products. This will reduce some of the harmful and toxic chemicals from being released into the air.


Currently a cordless, solar-powered trash compactor is available. Look into the other environmentally safe systems and equipment presently available.

We can all try to participate in at least some small way. Ask your Managing Agent to help you find ways to green your building.

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