Basic Residential Property Services

Shareholders/Unit Owners/Tenants

  • Prompt and responsive attention to all inquiries
  • Liaison between Shareholders/Unit Owners/Tenants and Boards
  • Coordinate and monitor apartment alterations

Board Relations

  • Attend and participate in Board meetings
  • Create agenda and package
  • Disseminate action report following each meeting
  • Annual meetings – Preparation for and attendance at
  • Liaison between Board and building staff
  • Carry out Board directives promptly and efficiently

Comprehensive accurate accounting procedures customized to clients’ specific and changing requirements

  • Monthly reporting
  • Annual budgets
  • li>Investment accounts

Supplies and Services

  • Purchase order system
  • Competitive bidding
  • Obtain Greenthal discounts which are credited directly to client’s account
  • Negotiate service contracts; monitor to ensure compliance

Monitor expenses

  • Achieve cost reductions and control expenses
  • Supervise purchase of supplies and equipment
  • Obtain competitive bids for projects and large purchases

Conduct regular building inspections

  • Recommend repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Maintain cleanliness
  • Manage building staff

Special Services Engineering Division

  • Guidance and monitoring of mechanical and physical issues
  • Provide five and ten year maintenance plans
  • Protect our clients’ interests during capital work, major repairs, etc.

Building Staff

  • Supervise and train
  • Payroll
  • Assistance and coordination between employees and union

Closing Department

  • Achieve smooth and efficient closings
  • Monitor sublets


  • Monitor expirations and compliance with laws and regulations
  • Retain complete files and information for every building
  • Maintain Approved Vendor list
  • Offers vetted resumes of available and qualified building employees

Insurance Department bids out and ensures complete comprehensive coverage at best available pricing

Conduct seminars and educational meetings for building and Greenthal staff

24/7 Emergency Service – After normal business hours a Senior Account Executive is available 365 days a year

At Charles H. Greenthal Management Corp. you are assigned a management team dedicated to your property and supervised by our Executive Staff. Your team is comprised of

  • An Account Executive
  • An Administrative Assistant
  • A Financial Analyst
  • An Accounts Receivable Representative
  • An Accounts Payable Representative
  • A Closing and Transfer Agent
Basic Commercial/Retail Services

Rent retail and office space

Work with co-brokers and brokerage community

Negotiate terms and leases

Work with Boards, attorneys and tenants on leases through signing

Monitor lease increases and renewals

Monitor rent payments

Ensure lease terms are adhered to

Maintain security accounts

Garage leasing