Our Mission Statement

The Charles H. Greenthal Group is a privately held, full-service real estate company with a legacy of experience in property management. For over fifty years we have been focused on structuring cost effective, efficient solutions to complex problems. Our management teams are comprised of experienced professionals with a long-term focus, who are committed to the highest ethical standards and values.

Family Eating Dinner Greenthal

Our Values

We are not here merely to make a living, but to enrich our community. We recognize that taking care of our surrounding environment is as important as our professional development.

Constantly Under Construction:
We continually strive for excellence. In order for us to evolve we must be adaptable and flexible as we embrace changes in our methods.

Creativity And Teamstorming:
Our unique process is a blend of teamwork and brainstorming with a goal of reaching best decisions. Teamstorming capitalizes on the knowledge and experience of employees from different disciplines and results in better, more informed decisions.

What we do is not easy. Through perseverance and hard work we do whatever it takes, within our values, to create solutions and meet the goals of our clients.

Employee Values Statement

The Charles H. Greenthal Group is a hard-driving company that demands financial success without compromising its values.

These values create an atmosphere in which we are energized to do whatever it takes to meet the unique challenges we face.

In short, these values inspire us to work toward fulfilling our mission: To be judged by those we serve and ourselves as the finest organization of its kind in the world.