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As recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy continue, we wanted to bring you the latest updates. Note that any updates to building regulations as a result of the Hurricane can be found here.

FEMA Assistance

  • President Obama issued a Major Disaster Declaration that may allow Private Non-Profits ("PNPs") to be eligible for FEMA Hurricane Sandy assistance. Details can be found on the Public Assistance website
  • Eligible PNP's should complete and submit the RPA form and email to John Grubsick by December 2, 2012
  • Information briefings will be held at 49-51 Chambers Street on Friday, November 16 and Monday, November 19 (at 10am or 2pm).


  • The Con Edison steam system has been fully restored, any persisting outages stem from damage in individual buildings.
  • Verizon estimates that its Broad Street office will reopen later today.

Gas Rationing

The City is restricting gas sales to cars with even-numbered license plates on even days and odd-numbered on odd days. Plates ending with a letter will be treated as odd-numbered. People filling up gas cans will not be affected. has been tracking prices and availability throughout the City.

Recycling and Garbage Collection

The City expects reductions in refuse collection services. If your garbage is not collected from the curb, you may leave it out and, you will not get a violation. Recycling collection has been suspended. For more information, please see the DSNY press release.


  • Battery Tunnel is allowing bus traffic. There is currently no timeframe for a full reopening.
  • Midtown Tunnel reopened to private vehicles, but trucks are still not be permitted.

Need for Temporary Apartments/ Vacant Lots

As a result of Hurricane Sandy, the City expects that up to 40,000 people have been displaced and will need some form of temporary housing.

  • If you have any housing stock available, please submit your inventory of available furnished and unfurnished apartments where people can be placed immediately, i.e. without Board approval.
  • We are also looking for areas of vacant land (including vacant lots, parking areas, and open space) where modular housing could be placed.

At this time we are only trying to get a sense of available housing stock for those affected by the hurricane, we do not have specifics on potential rental terms. Please submit all information to Ryan Baxter.


If your organization has an available generator to lend to the City of New York, please send information to Rachel Squire at

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City set up a donation page for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts contributions. Checks can be made out to:

Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City
253 Broadway, 8th Floor
NYC NY 10007

For any further information please call 212-788-7794 and thank you in advance for your generosity in our city's time of need.

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